Southport Triathlon 2015

Although I specialise in Wedding photography I do love to dabble in a bit of sports photography!  I have an on/off love affair with cycling (we are currently ‘on a break’), but regardless of my wavering enthusiasm for participation in the sport, the thrill of seeing a great cycling image I have taken remains a constant.

I covered the cycling section of the Vital Events 2015 Southport Triathlon in June, and managed to get some great shots whilst crouched down in a precarious position, sometimes a bit TOO close to the triathletes as they made their way along Marine Drive to the transition point ahead of the run.

I try to avoid writing about technical aspects of photography as it is generally dull unless you are a photographer!  However, for those who are interested, I used my Nikon D700 with the amazing 70-200 2.8 VRII lens. For these shots I was shooting at 200mm F4 to ensure I had enough depth of field to get a sharp image of the athlete and bike, whilst compressing the image and separating the main subject from the background.

Wilkins GBR Southport Triathlon 2015

Adrian Wilkins

Southport Triathlon 2015 Spencer Thomas

Spencer Thomas