Sefton Park Palm House Wedding Photography

Sefton Park Palm House Wedding – Jane & Matt

A Sefton Park Palm House Wedding is a photographer’s dream – A magnificent Grade II Victorian glass structure set in the wonderful open space of Sefton Park, provides great opportunities for on-location photographs, and flattering light inside the Palm House no matter how much rain falls on the outside!

Many of the wedding party arrived at the gates surrounding the Palm House having travelled in on a specially laid on red double-decker bus.  The rain that persisted throughout the afternoon and evening had not yet started to fall, as guests leisurely made their way along the gravel path to the Palm House entrance.

Matt appeared to be his usual laid-back self, looking very dapper in his blue suit.  As a West Ham fan, I think Matt’s choice of colour may have been a thoughtful gesture towards Jane and her family of die-hard Evertonians!

The bridesmaids (also dressed in blue) patiently waited by the side entrance for Jane to arrive.  The rain was now falling heavily, and as Jane made her graceful exit from the car she gladly accepted the offer of an umbrella to keep her dry during the short walk/jog to the Palm House.

After a lovely ceremony, it was time to do the formal group shots.  The plan was to do these outside in the nearby grounds, but the inclement weather dictated a switch to Plan B which meant a bit of furniture shifting to cater for indoor group shots.  I was really pleased with the outcome, the natural light and idyllic surroundings making for some really nice photos.

The speeches were very entertaining, with plenty of laughs (mostly at Matt’s expense).  Jane did however arrange something to make Matt feel more at home, with bubble-blowing activities in recognition of Matt’s beloved football team’s traditional song ‘We’re forever blowing bubbles.’

It was a lovely wedding with a great atmosphere – I was thrilled when I was asked to photograph Jane & Matt’s wedding as I know Jane and her family, having spent many an hour discussing Everton’s fortunes with dad (Pete) and sister (Claire).

So now you know why I love shooting a Sefton Park Palm House Wedding….  no matter what the weather it is an ideal location for photography!

Weddings at Sefton Park Palm House - Exterior

Bridesmaids in blue dresses, Flower girls in white dresses

Groom and best man await the arrival of the bride

Grandparents enjoying the anticipation of the ceremony

Weddings at Sefton Park Palm House - Bride arrives in the rain

Nervous groom

The wait is over

Wedding vows

Wedding ring problems

A happy bride and groom

Sefton Park Palm House Wedding - You may now kiss the bride

Group shot inside Palm House due to bad weather

Sefton Park Palm House Wedding - what has the bride seen?

Wedding Cheese Cake

A round of applause for the father of the bride

Witty speech by the groom

Best man's speech

Bride enjoying the speeches

First Dance in the Palm House

Weddings at Sefton Park Palm House - First Dance


Sefton Park Palm House Wedding

The Palm House is a dome-shaped glass structure set in the beautiful surroundings of Sefton Park. As a visitor it offers the unique characteristic of changing it’s appearance according to the time of day or the season, due to the differing light and the foliage and flora that makes the Palm House so special.

The park is a lovely place to take a stroll, or if you are feeling energetic then why not take advantage of Cycle Route 56 which passes through Sefton Park.  The Palm House was a finalist in the Large Visitor Attraction of the Year Award 2015, and winner of the Best Wedding Venue in Suburban Liverpool.

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