Making the most of bad weather

The British weather is predictably unpredictable, and I am often asked ‘What will we do if it rains on our wedding day?’ I always see bad weather as an opportunity to use my creativity as a photographer and make the most of whatever comes my way. The photograph (left) was taken inside St,Lukes Church as guests began to arrive during a particularly spectacular deluge in Formby.  I really like this photo in black & white as it captures perfectly the mood and anticipation of what lies ahead.  Although it was raining heavily, it was quite bright outside and the dark church made a nice contrast, creating silhouette-like figures. I deliberately set my exposure for the brighter light outside so that the groom’s brother (left, holding the umbrella) was well exposed, and the raindrops falling on the path outside were visible. As a consequence of exposing for the light outside, the groom’s sister (to the far right of the photo) is under-exposed and partially in silhouette.
I got rather wet taking this photograph of Rhianna (right) walking up the church path as she is sheltered by multiple umbrella-carrying family members and friends. The advantage of using professional grade equipment is that it is generally waterproof, so the only thing I had to worry about was keeping my hair dry (anyone get a spare umbrella??). As it happens, I always bring a number of white umbrellas with me when I am photographing a wedding just in case any of the wedding party haven’t brought their own. Unfortunately, it is nigh on impossible to carry an umbrella and take photographs simultaneously!  If I haven’t shot at the venue previously I always pay a visit prior to the wedding day to make a note of good locations for portraits and family group shots. At the same time I also develop a wet weather plan to establish alternative indoor locations for photos should it prove impossible to shoot outside.
  • Rhianna Louise said:

    I can't even begin to say how wonderful it is to have a photographer like David on your wedding day who is experienced, caring, creative, considerate and has so much attention to detail. whatever the weather does, you can absolutely trust him to make the most of it and produce incredible photos.