Southport Pier on a windy Winter morning stroll

Southport Pier

As a wedding photographer in Liverpool it can be quite hectic at times, and whilst I absolutely love capturing amazing moments during the wedding day it makes a nice change to just go for a relaxing walk (camera in hand) with no plan. The weather hasn’t been kind so far this Winter, so I grabbed the opportunity of a couple of rain-free hours on Friday morning to take the short walk from my home on the Promenade to Southport Pier and the beach.

The Grade II listed Southport Pier is the oldest iron pier in England, dating back to the 1860’s.  Completing the 1,100m walk to the end of the pier provides you with the reward of magnificent views across the North West, with Blackpool clearly visible on most days.

Today was not one of those favourable days photography-wise; the cold biting wind made me want to leave my hands in my coat pockets rather than expose them to the elements while I compose a shot and depress the shutter release button.  The heavy cloud coverage meant that the light was flat and uninspiring, but I was not to be discouraged; the thought of sipping a hot cup of coffee whilst writing this blog article kept me going!

I decided the best option would be to walk along the beach to find a nice angle to take a shot of the pier, and use the clouds to my advantage by making them a feature in a moody black and white image.  A lone metal detectorist observed me with suspicion as I made my way across an otherwise deserted stretch of sand with my hood up to provide some protection from the wind.

Although the final image didn’t capture the cold wind, I think it conveys the often bleak nature of a British seaside town in the Winter months.  I love you Southport!

Southport Pier