Luxury USB flash drives now standard in 2016 wedding packages

I was excited to receive my order of luxury USB flash drives this week.  For a number of years I have delivered wedding images and slideshows to clients on DVD, but as time goes by the DVD format is becoming a little tired, and more lightweight laptops are being shipped without DVD drives in order to save space and weight.

I performed some research and found the perfect USB drive for my needs – I needed something that served the practical requirements of having sufficient storage for up to 600 high resolution images and data transfer speeds that wouldn’t cause frustration when transferring 4GB+ data.  Additionally I needed to identify a product that would be consistent with my luxury wedding photography brand.

The 8GB ‘Rodeo’ USB drive has a high specification flash chip for high speed data transfer, and an aesthetically pleasing design with logo branding.  The beautiful presentation box is a really nice finishing touch, and I am delighted that I can now offer branded USB drives as standard for all 2016 wedding packages.

Luxury USB Flash Drive

For professional photographers, the real challenge when buying luxury USB flash drives is to make sure that the components are of a sufficient quality to support the use that photographers will put them to. If they are inadequate then it can take hours to transfer images  (because the read/write speeds they support will be slow) and images loaded onto them can “fragment”. The high-spec chipsets in the Rodeo USB flash drives provide faster read/write speeds and more secure data storage, making them an ideal solution for wedding photographers and their clients.