Bridal preparations

When I cover bridal preparations I like to stay in the background, becoming ‘invisible’ to all intents and purposes.  I do this for two reasons; firstly it is my natural style to document the wedding day without intervention.  The photograph above is obviously not staged, but if I were to try to manipulate such a moment between bride and bridesmaid it would look contrived and simply just wouldn’t work.  Secondly, to operate successfully as a documentary-style wedding photographer, it is important to act in an unobtrusive manner, to create a relaxed atmosphere where the bridal party are largely unaware of me or my camera, thus enabling moments of interaction and emotion to be captured naturally.

I normally arrive to cover bridal prep about 3 hours before the start of the ceremony – this gives me plenty of time to capture all the detail shots of wedding dress, shoes, flowers, etc and also photograph the actual preparations (make-up & hair).  It is my job to make the bride & bridal party look good, so I only take shots from flattering angles, and at times when people are looking their best!

I enjoy covering bridal preparations as it gives me a great opportunity to build rapport with the bride and bridal party before the formalities begin. Although I meet clients at least twice prior to their wedding day, it is always nice to be able to spend some time together on the day in a relaxed atmosphere.


For those clients who choose one of my album packages, it is always nice to include images from the bridal preparations in the wedding album in order to tell the story of the whole day from start to finish. As a documentary-style wedding photographer, I provide you with photos that evoke memories of ‘real’ events.  It is far more enjoyable to look at a photograph and remember the joke you were sharing with your friend rather than recalling the fact that ‘this is when the photographer told me to smile naturally’.